What is an asymmetric snowboard?

What is Sidecut?

Sidecut is the radial shape of the side of your snowboard. Your board sidecut affects how the board turns. Deep sidecuts will be harder to engage and will have a sharp turning radius. Shallow sidecuts will engage quickly and provide a shallower turn. In snowboard design it's paramount to have the correct sidecut to match the snowboards overall shape and design intent. A bad sidecut will make the board unresponsive or turn awkwardly. 

Asymmetric Sidecut

Most boards have matching sidecuts. An Asymmetric snowboard has different sidecuts to compensate for the difference in your toes vs. your heels.  

How will an asymmetric snowboard ride?

Asym snowboards will engage quicker on your heel side turns and ride like normal on your toe side turns.   You will experience more control of your board as your ride down the slope.  The asym compensates for the difference in mobility between your toes and heels.

Remember that time you were blazing down the mountain and tried to do a sudden heel side stop and had your board chudder and slide out from underneath you. The Asym sidecut eliminates that! It's truly a technology you have to ride to appreciate.  

Our OZsym and ATS boards have an Asym sidecut.  The OZSym is directional so you need to designate whether you want a Regular or Goofy. Our ATS board is a twin tip so you can ride it regular or goofy.