We have the best customers!

4/30/17: The varix base makes for a perfect all-mountain board. It's fast and rides mostly like traditional camber, but it's just loose enough to have some fun and help save things in sketchy conditions. Powder to slush, and everything in between, there wasn't a day this season this board felt unstable. Being a wide size, I didn't lose a bit of responsiveness over my old regular width board. The custom process was very easy- great communication, and they went above-and-beyond to meet my requests. OZ is doing everything right!  -Kirra  

3/22/17: Hi Adam, I hope all is well with you and the team in CO.  I spent the last week with friends in Mammoth. We had a great time, this gave me 4 days to really hammer on my OZ and get a feel for what it could do. We had variable conditions, full on spring riding, sunny winter conditions, snow-ment, and not so ideal half pipe conditions. I am in LOVE with the board. It did everything I wanted with the kind of poise and control I was not expecting. My reference board and what inspired the OZ purchase was the Jones UMT, I borrowed and rode the UMT at Jackson Hole last year. I rode a friends Jones UMT in Mammoth this past week to compare. The OZ outperformed in every way. We ended every day with sessions on the 18ft halfpipe, everyone asked to ride my OZ Custom. Thank you for making such a great all mountain product.  -Frank

2/26/17: Hi Adam, I absolutely love my new board! I've been out riding with it more than a dozen times so far this season and it hasn't once let me down. Thanks for the great board, and thanks for checking in!  Take care, Phil

2/25/17: Hi Adam, Love the board. It is a big improvement over my old one and has reinvigorated my enthusiasm for snowboarding again.  We had a lot of hard packed ice early on in the season but I found I could hold my edge well and the new board felt solid especially at speed.  My experience with your company was excellent. The board is great. It arrived exactly when you said it would and was packaged well. I will recommend OZ snowboards. I'm a fan. Thanks, Andy

2/24/17: Hey Adam, This season has been all time here in CB. The Ozsym rips! -Lee

2/24/17: Hey Adam, The board is absolutely incredible!!! Awesome stability at speed, super responsive in the woods and a lot better than I was expecting in pow. I couldn't be happier man. I've recommended your product to everyone whose been asking about my board (people love the graphic too). Thanks a million! -Ben

2/23/17: Hey man,Yeah the board is great, rides like a dream. I really appreciate the hard work! Steeziest graphic on the mountain too hahaha! Keep it up.-Matt

2/23/17: Loving the board! Have 16 days on it so far in everything from wind blown to 2 feet of light Utah powder, and it's done great! Headed to Revelstoke next week, and have decided just to bring the 1 board. Thanks again! Jeff 

2/13/17:  Hey Adam, got to get the board out at the local mountain this weekend and gotta say it flex surpassed my expectations. The snow conditions here 'meh' at best but the thing can do it all, stiff enough to handle late afternoon Sierra-cement chop, yet with flex where it matters to handle some serious butters and light jibbing. Bought it for its potential pow / big mountain performance and to have it handle ice / park like that was unexpected to say the least. I'll be getting it out in it's big mountain element soon and if it shines there it'll easily top the list of 'best thing I've ever strapped on my feet'. Killer product man, at a killer price. Thanks again -Hunter

1/22/17: Hey Adam,  So I wanted to give you a proper review of the board. This work of art RIPS! I've taken it out about 15 times so far and I love this board. It transitions quickly and the beveled edges fit together so well. When I'm riding, it floats above everything and when I have to take the icy skin track down, the heel edge digs in and keeps me upright. I'm so happy with my purchase and as I've been out I've been seeing more and more Oz boards out there. Thanks a ton for your amazing customer service.  I appreciate it Adam! -Taylor K

1/12/17: Hey Adam! Just wanted to follow up and say thanks again for all your emails and support. The board flippin Rocks!!! I've been using it lots lately just to get home! She ascends like a beast; but the real surprise was how well the OZSym rides down!!! Wow! I'll send some rad shots once the backcountry stabilizes. Thanks again- I've had several people this season ask about the board and your company.  Sick product with amazing customer service! If you're down in telluride area- hit me up! -Jess 

1/7/17: Hey Adam, just a quick note to say how much I'm enjoying the board, so snappy, so much different from what I have been riding. Riding it setback a good bit to suit my absurd carving style but it's working great. -Dave B

1/4/17: Finally had my new Oz Woody out for a few days -- best board I've ever had (and I've been riding since 1985). It grabs hold of the mountain when you want it to, and let's go when you want it to as well. I bow deeply with respect.-JBM

1/1/17: Hey Adam, the Shredfest that you built for me last spring has been a BEAST of a board. Took it up to Alaska for 20 straight days of touring in April and the Shredfest performed fantastic; a very strong charger, yet still fun and rideable. Lately I've been sending some big drops and the Shredfest eats it all up. -Dan

12/26/16:  Adam, Seriously, I'm blown away. I love the way this board rides. If I hadn't just bought a surfy pow board last year, I would ask about having a non-split version of this board made. I'm just blown away at its responsiveness and how "solid" it feels. It's such a fun, playful board. I rode it inbounds yesterday to work out the kinks before I tour with it next weekend. The connection between the two sides is unbelievable - the Karakoram Ultra-Clips + their bindings pull the board together so tight, you don't know you're riding a split. Thank you a million times. This is the coolest board. So many people commented on how bad ass it looked, too.  Thanks! j.k.

12/21/16: Yo Adam! Love the fantasy blaster. My alpenglow split most certainly held up to I don't know 350 days 3 years. Some days walking the dog, some days most epic of all, some days of multi mile dry approach. Hands down best snowboard.  -RJ

12/20/16: Hey Adam, Got the board today, and it looks amazing! I'm so pumped to go ride it. The flex feels spot on. Thanks so much for accommodating my requests, you really made this process easy, and created something I couldn't get anywhere else. -Kirra

11/25/16: Hey Adam. I just wanted to let you know that I am beyond stoked on my new board. I went out rode it for the first time today and it is a blast to ride. You guys make one awesome board! -Dennis L

11/22/16: Hi Adam, I have taken my new board out a few time for some early season touring and it is everything I wanted.

This is one sick board and I was surprised how well it handle the deep pow for a shorter board. I'm super happy with the board and have recommended your boards to all the boarders i know.
Regards, Mike F

11/21/16: I couldn't be happier with the purchase! I absolutely love the board. You can tell right away the quality and craftsmanship it's made with. It really is a piece of art. I love being able to support a small business that puts out such good work.

 Actually got the board out yesterday on Mt. Hood. Climbed 5000 vertical feet. Skis were awesome to climb in, and switching to the board couldn't be easier. The board is super solid and responsive. I even had a couple guys stop and ask me about my setup. Take care, Kyle

11/21/16: Hey Adam, I got the board on Friday. It looks (and feels) amazing =)

Can't wait to make the first turns with that new board. Thanks again for your great customer-oriented action! You and your team are doing a fantastic job! Thomas

11/18/16:  Adam, My custom snowboard arrived yesterday ahead of schedule and I feel like Christmas came early! You guys were great throughout the design process, returned my emails quickly, and delivered a great looking snowboard to my door. 

I like what you guys are doing by manufacturing in the U.S., and staying as “green” as possible. I hope OZ Snowboards has great success in the future while staying true to this mission. 

Thanks again for your great work, it came out better than I expected! Bob T

11/17/16: Adam, The board arrived and its even better in person. Thank you an you your team so much....can't wait for the snow! Dave A

7/11/16: Hey Adam, I never got back to you after riding the ozsym in Alaska and British Columbia. Over all the board rides really amazing. I finished riding last year in hard boots. The hard boots allowed me to skin on steep hard pack with out a problem. The 35 degree cut in the middle of the board was noticeable when setting skin tracks on the over hanging edge. The middle stabilizer piece was never in the way except when trying to put on ski crampons. You have to have the larger ski crampon for them to fit on the board. I found that the spit really comes to life after 10 days of hard riding. The entire characteristics of the board change after this period of time. I'm not sure if this has todo with learning how to ride the board or the board it's self loosing up.   I'm really stoked I can ride pow on a 154. The next one I buy will be a 157 just for a slight bit more floatation. Also I may opt for a standard shape for deep pow. I really love this board in inconsistent snowpacks. It handles almost ever condition I can throw at it. Hard pack snow is where this board excels. When riding coolies it rocks, no other board can compare. The ozsym turns on a dime and stops fast. I keep telling everyone to go out and buy this board. It's super light on my backpack and on my feet. Thanks for making a board that works.