A Craft Snowboard Company


OZ Snowboards was started by veteran snowboarder Adam Browning  who has been riding the Colorado mountains for over 25 years.  Adam started OZ back in 2009 with fresh ideas and core values based around building a better snowboard and building a stronger snowboard community.

OZ is grounded on 4 core principles that define our company.

1. We are committed to building the highest quality snowboards and we will ALWAYS stand behind our products. 

2. We will always fabricate our boards in Colorado, USA and never ship production overseas.

3. We will always be on the forefront of environmental snowboard design and manufacturing.

4. We are committed to expanding the appeal of snowboarding to include all types of people.  

These core values became the foundation that has skyrocketed OZ Snowboards to become one of the fastest growing craft snowboard brands in the industry.   

 “To build a the highest quality snowboards” We consulted the aerospace industry and incorporated many design concepts and materials used to build light weight aircraft.  We replaced the typical heavy fiberglass sheets with a lightweight tri-axial aerospace grade carbon fiber.  The fibers are specifically oriented to take advantage of the stresses involved in snowboard flex patterns.  We precisely designed a full stringer poplar core without any finger joints to produce cores that provide a consistent flex pattern throughout the board.   OZ Snowboards has pioneered the aerospace design concepts into snowboard construction.  The results are boards that are Lighter, Stronger and Faster. 

Snowboards manufactured in the Colorado, USA” OZ snowboard founder Adam Browning has made the commitment to never move the production of OZ Snowboards outside of Colorado.  Adam believes we have the duty to employ locally and use local suppliers in all aspects of our snowboard construction.  In addition, all of our apparel and stickers produced here in Colorado.

Limit the impact on our environment” Building snowboards is very taxing on the environment.  At OZ we love the outdoors and want to do everything we can to preserve the mountains we ride. Here is our commitment to being environmentally friendly:

1.    Our factory is 100% powered by wind.

2.    We use USDA certified bio-renewable epoxy resin sourced from
       waste streams of other industrial processes. 

3.    We use recycled plastics in some of our snowboards. 

4.    All our UPS shipments are carbon neutral. 

5.    All of our factory scraps and waste are recycled.

6.    We are actively searching for methods to make snowboard manufacturing more environmentally friendly.