Building Snowboards Backwards

by Adam Browning September 01, 2016

Building Snowboards backwards 

By Adam Browning, OZ Owner

At OZ we design boards backwards. We start with the snowboarder in mind and work back towards a finished product.

When you buy a new board, you want a board you will love to ride for many years. You want a board that will make you a better rider. You want a board that will last. You want a company that stands behind their product and is easy to get a hold of if you have questions about your board. That is the foundation of OZ Snowboards and how we run our business.

The most important factor to us is customer service. We will always be available and easy to contact in case you have any questions about buying/designing a board or servicing your current board. Most of the time you will be dealing with myself because I find this very important and I want to make sure our buyers are happy.

  • All of our boards are made with the best components available. We use full length wood cores while most snowboards are made with shorter prices of wood glued together to make full length wood cores. 
  • We use carbon fiber instead of fiberglass. Carbon is 5 times the cost of fiberglass and for good reason. It’s a far superior product. Its more durable, stronger, lighter and more responsive. Only a few other companies use full carbon fiber in their snowboards. We use carbon in all of our snowboards.
  • USDA certified bio resins. We use cutting edge bio resins because we believe doing our part to limit the impact on the environment is paramount. Our factory is also 100% wind powered. 
  • Textured Titan topsheet. We use the highest quality top sheet material available. It is specifically design for ski and snowboards with a built in texture for superior protection from nicks, dings and slashes. We press the ink for the top sheet design from the underside so it will not scrape off. 
  • Durasurf base: We use a snowboard specific ultra high molecular weight base sheet that is designed for a smooth glide and abrasion resistance. 
  • Vibration dampening system-Every snowboard has a combination of rubber dampening in specific locations to ease vibration while riding.
  • Full wrap metal edges-Our boards are completely wrapped in hardened steel edges. Some manufacturers skip putting edges on the nose and tail. We believe the added protection is key to a more durable board. 
  • Ultra High Molecular weight sidewall material-Snowboards can take a beating from the side so we use UHMW plastic sidewalls. This material is extremely durable in cold weather and will protect your board. 
Made locally

OZ snowboards are made in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Many snowboard brands hire contractors to manufacture their boards overseas. In my opinion this is problematic for a few reasons.
  • Quality control As a full snowboard factory we fabricate all the components so we have full quality control throughout the entire process. Snowboard companies who source their production to another company lose that control. 
  • Brand longevity The list of snowboard brands that have come and gone is long and lengthy! If a snowboard brand uses a contractor to make their boards its easy for them to fold up shop and walk away, leaving you with a board and no one to service it. As a full production facility we invested a significant amount time and money into our business so we can last for the long term to provide snowboards for our buyers for many years to come. 
  • Locally owned-Supporting locally owned companies means the money we spend to fabricate snowboards stays in our local economy. We hire locally and we source products and services locally. 
  • Environmental responsibility and Employee work quality. We do everything possible to make our fabrication facility as environmental friendly as possible. We recycle, our factory is 100% powered by the wind, we use USDA certified resins. Our employees are paid a fair wage and work in safe conditions. With overseas factories you can not be assured the contractor building snowboards is taking the same measures when it comes to environmental production and worker safety.

Rider designed and tested

All of our snowboard designs go through rigorous testing and modifications before we launch them for sale. I typically start the design based on my 25 years of riding and 7 years of snowboard manufacturing design experience. I can make a board and test it in 7 hours.  I take it to the local mountain and test it, make mods, test it again until  I am happy with the way it rides. Next, I send our new designs to our sponsored riders who test them in all conditions. From the tops of 14’ers to riding groomers in resorts. The whole team puts a lot of hours in on the boards and provide feedback. We take that feedback and modify boards, ship them back to the riders for more feedback. We continue this process until we perfect the board design. Many times our board designs come straight from the riders!

Thank for reading this far into my business description. Building OZ has been a passion for me for the last 7 years. I truly love snowboarding and all that it has given me over the last 25 years. I am so stoked to have this opportunity to build boards that make people happy. In the end, thats what its all about for me.

Happy shredding,

Adam Browning
OZ Snowboards

Adam Browning
Adam Browning


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