Backcountry Intro Package

by George Dirth October 21, 2013

Thinking about getting into splitboarding but think it's out of your price range? OZ Snowboards and Wilderness Exchange to the rescue!

Hopefully you already know about the steal that OZ Snowboards offers for first time splitboard buyers where you can get the OZ CQ split,  Voile bindings, skins, pucks, and poles, and Karakoram clips for $999. Get one lined up for the current season! That's less than the cost of the board itself from some other manufacturers!

Right now Wilderness Exchange in Denver is also running a special where you can get an Orthorox beacon, shovel, and probe for $325. The Orthovox Zoom+ beacon itself retails for $300 making this another great deal!

We don't know how long this package deal will last at Wildy though, so order yourself an OZ split and then get down to WIldy to get yourself setup for the season! All that's left is to signup for an avy class. Conveniently here's a list of all of the AIARE 1, 2, and 3 classes this winter in North America!

George Dirth
George Dirth


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