Good Colorado Company

by Adam Browning February 08, 2013


Good Colorado Company


At SIA this year I had a chance to meet a few really cool fellow Colorado companies working hard to make awesome Colorado products and services.  For those of you who are not familiar with SIA it is one of the largest snow industry trade shows in world.  It is inclusive of anything that has to do with snow sports including clothes, skis, snowboards, bindings, sleds, the list goes on and on.  The show is huge! Probably one of the biggest trade shows I have ever been to. It takes up the entire top level of the Colorado Convention Center.  The show is not open to the public, only people in the industry. Retailers from around the world fly into Denver to see the next great products of the 2013-2014 season.  Walking through the show is very daunting.  I focused on local based companies that are making an impact on our local economy. 

The first company I found is Mier Skis.  Matt Cudmore is the owner and he hand builds every ski in Glenwood Springs, CO.  His skis are truly a craftsman's product.  From a board builders perspective it’s apparent he pays attention to detail.  Matt uses locally sourced wood  as the core structure of his skis.  He uses the same bio based resin that we use to make our snowboards and like OZ uses recycled plastics in every ski.  If you are in the market for a new set of skis make sure you check out

Phunkshun wear

Last year I was  approached by a couple of snowboard instructors who were trying to launch a face mask company in the Silverthorne area. They tossed me a few free masks and I used them throughout the season.  I was amazed at how well they worked!   It’s no surprise these guys blew up in the highly competitive face mask business.  They are everywhere now, including a huge booth at SIA and ISPO( the European version of SIA).  Lanny and a buddy started sewing these face masks in their garage and could never keep up with the demand from fellow instructors and friends.  They have grown to a huge operation in Summit County and now have a full time manufacturing and distribution facility.  I highly recommend you check out Phunkshun wear for a locally made face mask!  Look for some custom OZ/Phunkshun masks for next season.

Shred every day

Shred every day?  sounds good to me!   It’s the reality of Thomas Paxton who spends every day riding and blogs about it.  I met Thomas at SIA though our team rider “Truck stop”.  Thomas is a super passionate snowboarder who makes films through his production company called ADD productions and blogs about snowboarding.  He created a blog called where he documents his adventures in snowboarding.  To pay the bills you can find Thomas peddling his bike around Denver as a pedicab driver.  Make sure you flag him down when you need a ride around town. 


Happy Shredding,

Adam Browning

Owner OZ Snowboards

Adam Browning
Adam Browning


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