5 reasons you need a custom snowboard

by Adam Browning June 10, 2015

OZ Snowboards recently unveiled our custom snowboard app called the CustomOzer. The CustomOZer allows riders to pick their top sheet design, base sheet design or design their own top sheet. They can pick their sidewall color, tip/tail spacer color, round or blunt tip/tail, select from our 3 base shapes and add custom text. There are millions of different board build combinations.  With a custom snowboard by OZ every rider can be unique! So why do you need a custom snowboard? Here are 5 more good reasons. 

1.You know that one time when you walked into a party and saw some other dude wearing the same shirt as you. What’s that all about? It’s super lame and embarrassing.

Same thing goes with your snowboard. You don’t want to have the same board as some tourist wearing blue jeans and a selfie stick. You need a board that expresses how rad you are!

2. How many times have you walked into a board store and found a sweet board but the  design isn't your style? As snowboard designers we realize we can’t please everyone with one design so we decided to give the power to the people and let you choose which design fits your personality.

3. Dude where’s my board? Custom snowboards rarely get stolen especially if you have your name on the design, Duh. Take that scum sucking board stealer dudes!

4. Designs that fit your riding style. With a custom design you can pick the shape that fits your riding style and ultimately makes you a better rider.

5. Hand crafted quality from Colorado. Your board is made with precision and quality through every step. OZ Snowboards only puts the best components in every custom snowboard. You can be assured your board will have the highest craftsmanship and attention to detail.

 Design your custom snowboard today for only $549 and have it delivered in 3 weeks.  www.customOZer.com


Adam Browning
Adam Browning


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