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by Adam Browning September 15, 2014

Press Release 2.4.14

OZ Snowboards is stoked to announce we were just awarded the Business Recognition Award for Jefferson County. This award was based on OZ Snowboards significant contributions to the economic vitality of Jefferson County and its citizens. OZ was nominated by the City of Wheat Ridge and chosen from an exclusive pool of nominees by a volunteer committee in Jefferson County, the 4th largest county in Colorado.

OZ Snowboards is excited to be recognized for this prestigious award. We strive to be a well-rounded company and a model business for the snowboarding community.

More about OZ Snowboards

OZ was founded and self funded by 3rd generation Coloradoan, Adam Browning. Snowboarding has been a passion for Adam for almost 25 years. He incorporates all of his snowboarding experience along with the OZ team riders to create cutting edge snowboard designs that allow his riders to perform at a higher level. With a full manufacturing facility, OZ can design, create and prototype snowboards in a matter of days. That quick turn on design concepts has allowed OZ to create some of the most innovative snowboard designs available.

OZ Snowboards is based on 3 core principles.

Lead the industry in innovation and snowboard design.
Commit to hand crafting boards in Colorado.
Build snowboards in an environmentally conscious fashion.
These core values are the foundation that has skyrocketed OZ Snowboards to become one of the fastest growing new brands in the industry.

“Lead the industry in innovation and snowboard design” we consulted the aerospace industry and incorporated many design concepts and materials used to build lightweight jets. We replaced the typical fiberglass sheets in a snowboard with a lightweight/high strength tri-axial aerospace grade carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a high performance fabric that translates well into snowboard design. Our boards have more stability and control. The carbon fibers are specifically oriented to take advantage of the stresses involved in snowboard flex patterns. We precisely designed a full stringer FSC certified poplar core without any finger joints to produce cores that provide a consistent flex pattern throughout the board.

“Snowboards manufactured in the Colorado, USA” OZ snowboards has made a commitment to never move the production outside of Colorado. OZ believes we have the duty to employ locally and use local suppliers in all aspects of our snowboard construction. OZ controls all fabrication of all the components in our boards to ensure quality control in every phase of fabrication.

“Limit the impact on our environment” Building snowboards is very taxing on the environment. At OZ we love the outdoors and want to do everything we can to preserve the environment we ride. Here is our commitment to being environmentally friendly: 

Our factory is 100% powered by wind.
We use USDA certified bio-renewable epoxy resin sourced from
 the waste streams of other industrial processes.
We use FSC certified solid wood cores harvested from sustainable forests. 

We use recycled plastics in every snowboard.
All of our UPS shipments are carbon neutral.
All of our factory scraps and waste are recycled.
If you have any questions about OZ Snowboards please contact:

Adam Browning



Adam Browning
Adam Browning


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